Valuable insights to shape your organisation

What We Offer

BizNous provides maximum flexibility to gain insights into your business, by connecting the various areas of your business together and telling a compelling story.

Engage & Connect

Engage and connect stakeholders to make informed decisions and take action all while making it accessible and understandable to all

Consistent View

Create a consistent view of your organisation which is clear, rich and interactive.

Stay Relevant

Build “live” elements with their dependencies to other elements which stays relevant and up-to-date.

Source of Truth

By having a single source of truth you can create transparency of the present and formulate actions to shape the future.

How we do it

BizNous structures the organisation into various focus areas, each contributing towards telling the story about your organisation. Different people can be assigned to specific focus area independently. However, to gain real value it is best to connect all of these together.


Business capabilities play a central part and allows the creation of relationships with other focus areas.
Capability maps & business area reports provides a quick glance about areas of interest within your organisation.


Application life-cycle can be easily managed with the ability to provide insight of the relationship between various technology.
Technology reports provides a quick insight about key information about a particular technology of interest.


Data life-cycle are an important aspect towards understanding your data. In addition, you can also define the type of data and audience for whom the data is intended.
Data reports tells you exactly where the data is being consumed and who makes use of the data.


Manage processes centrally and let the platform draw the process map for you.
Process maps visually see which processes form part of a capability.


Project & User boards provides a central space to collaborate on projects currently underway within your organisation.
Project reports are automatically generated which takes the hassle out of document writting.

Who Can Use It

Biznous caters for at least the following types of people who might use the platform


How will I know if we considered all aspects of analysis?

Perform analysis using a business capability approach you will know whether you have considered all aspects.


How will I understand the impact of a change initiative?

Understand how projects are impacting various areas within the organisation to co-ordinate activities effectively.


How will I provide a searchable consistent view of artifacts and its relationships?

Create a searchable knowledge base of artefacts within the organisation and how everything is connected


How will I provide a consistent view of the organisation?

Provide a consistent view of the organisation and ensure everyone with the organisation speaks the same language

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We are a South African company based in Cape Town.